Apr 10, 2013

You Take The Good.....You Take The Bad!

You take them both and there you have The Facts of Life!
I got the best surprise last night!

Netflix Canada has The Facts of Life!

How sweet is that?
I know that I am not the only one who grew up watching Natalie, Tootie, Blair and Jo.
My favourite character was Jo, I really wanted to be like her. She was tough and not easily swayed by peer pressure. Of course we eventually learn she has a softer side.
Funny enough though, my favourite episode doesn't have Jo in it.
I really liked the episode where Mrs Garret holds a sex education class even though the headmaster objects. They always seemed to deal with real life topics early on. 
A quality that many shows just don't or didn't have.

So tell me who did you most identify with?
Do you have a favourite episode?


  1. I loved this show! I'm thrilled to have something else to watch again! I loved Jo too, but I think I was more like Natalie. Do you remember George Clooney on the show?

  2. I do! He came along in the last few seasons. I really am enjoying seeing a really young Molly Ringwald. She was only in the first season.