Apr 6, 2013

A Concert Goer Once Again

Today I am so happy to be posting about music!
I had another blog long(ish) ago that really focused a lot on music.
Its kind of a thing with me.

I got a chance to see WiL last night.
It was wonderful.
I had learned about WiL through a series of advertisements for Travel Alberta.
Travel Alberta helps to showcase the beauty of Alberta and encourage tourism in the province.

I posted one awhile back....here.
I find myself going back to watch them cause it makes me happy.
The music just fits the pictures perfectly.
So you can imagine I just had to see this wonderful artist live.

He was taking part in a concert series they have here featuring Alberta Artists.
While I was not impressed with the first and last musical acts WiL was something special.
So here are a few samples of what I was able to enjoy last night!


The last video is an ad for the Calgary Stampede.
A local well know rodeo.
Thought it was important to include considering Calgary is were I live.

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