Apr 14, 2012


April 15, 1912
For the last few days I, as well as my family, have been thinking about the sinking of the Titanic.
It has always been such an incredible story to me. When the James Cameron movie came out it really allowed you to feel the loss yourself. Such loss, Such sadness.
Last year my daughters class spent one week at Science School during the time when the Titanic Exhibition was at our local Science Centre. She became drawn to the stories of those on board, and learned everything she could. I had the good fortune to go to see where the Titanic was built in Belfast. I told my traveling companion (my Mom) that we should take a Titanic Tour while in Belfast.
I decided for today's post I would share some photos that I took while on this tour.

Thomas Andrews Home in Belfast.

The staircase in his home. The first 'Grand Staircase'

Please excuse the stuffies.....my children gave me some other traveling companions to take everywhere.
The Harland and Wolff Offices.
The Drawing Office where the plans for Titanic were done by Thomas Andrews.
Harland and Wolff Offices.
Dry dock, built for Titanic.
It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to check this all out.
If you ever find yourself in Belfast check out Titanic Tours Belfast with Susie Millar.
She has an amazing personal connection to share with you.
Check it out...

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