Apr 16, 2012

Monday Monday...

How does Monday feel to you?
I, like many, dislike Monday.
What I dislike the most is that it means back to work for my husband. I love having him around on the weekends.
We go on day trips to the mountains, or hang out at the zoo after a fabulous brunch. Monday signals that snap back to reality.

While I understand this can be viewed as a bit of a downer post...
I would like to add something.
Having a Grateful Monday instead!
I came across this blog
Loved the idea of stating what I am grateful for.
I want to try and remember all that I am grateful for on Mondays. 
Cause it may make it easier to tolerate them.

My Monday Grateful List:
1) Happy healthy children.
2) Loving family moments. (Sunday Brunch at the Zoo!)
3) Getting the news that I am going to be an Auntie......to a BOY!!
Congrats Sister & Brother-in-Law!!

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