Apr 12, 2012

Springtime Art in the Winter?

Well today we got a blast of winter.
Unlike everyone else I know here, I will not be taking and posting pictures of it. Frankly, this happens. 
It is not uncommon for Alberta.

Instead, I wanted to share what we did in art class today!
A little springtime art work, full of colour and sweetness.
I found this great idea on Pinterest.
Using an old plastic pop bottle we made cherry blossoms.
Very simple, yet a great effect.

Then to add a little of our own flair, we used tissue paper 
to add on more flowers and leaves. Its easy, just cut small squares wrap
them around the end of a pencil and dip in glue. Quite a nice effect.


  1. I love the art , very talented little artists :)

    1. Thanks Elaine, they were pretty pleased with the results too. I have to say, they brighten up my living room.