Jan 22, 2013

Making Good

So in my last post I made a list of things that I wanted to focus on this year. No pressure to be perfect.
Somehow however I always feel a little pressure once I have announced it to the world. (sorry, too much credit given there....I am sure that the entire world does not read my blog)
First off...More conscious choices concerning food
Thankfully I am not alone in doing this one. My husband and I both are working together to make smarter choices. We are paying more attention to how we prepare food and what ingredients we are consuming. It is tricky however to convince our kids that this is a good thing to do. We aren't rigid in our approach though, and that is why I think that this will be successful in the end.
I have just started adding chia seeds to my diet. They are supposed to be chalk full of good stuff. Check out this LINK to read more.

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I am currently reading...
BossyPants by Tina Fey 
The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

I am currently finding both a little tough to get into, but they haven't lost me yet! 

Ah yes...Last but not Least...WINE

I have just finished downloading the lectures onto my ipad. I hope to start watching them very soon. Stay tuned!

But for my local friends I wanted to share a really great resource I was told about.
It is Liquor Connect
This is a great site that will tell you where to find any kind of alcohol you may be looking for. Just type the name into the search and then add where you are located. It will list the stores that are the closest to you that have had that item shipped to it.
AWESOME right?
This will be great considering some of the fancier wines are not stocked in my little hood here. This way I don't have to drive all over Calgary to find what I need.  
A huge thanks to the lady at the Liquor Depot who was tired of answering all my questions. :o) 


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