Jan 15, 2013

2013...A Fine Year You Shall Be!

Happy 2013!

Better late than never.

Right after NYE, I always have the need to steer clear of places like Facebook and Twitter.
It drives me crazy to see all these people making such a deal about the start of a new year. So many promises, so many expectations. I feel the disappointment before it hits.

What a lot of pressure to dump on a simple date change.

I would rather take the quiet route. Make small changes. Slowly and with intention.
Makes sense to me anyway.

In 2013 I want to:
1. Make more conscious choices concerning food.
-more 'from scratch' cooking
-less box store
-less prepackaged

2. Read more (something I seemed to have stopped)
-having officially joined 2 book clubs I think I am well on my way.
-check back here to see a once a month review!

3. Learn more about wine.
-pretty self explanatory

So this is my start to the year. No pressure or high expectations.
Just small steps forward.


  1. Jennifer,
    A fantastic, simple approach to the new year. It so...you! And if you ever need help or friendly support (especially where the wine is concerned), you can always ask. :D

    1. Since you mention it.....
      There are a few lectures that require a lot if wine. My husband doesn't drink wine. Perfect opportunity for a get together!!

  2. I love it! I didn't make any kind of resolution or anything like that this year either. Just going to get 'er done at my own pace. You have a great list of things you want to do. Wine is ALWAYS a good thing.

    1. Thanks Sara! Your welcome to join in the wine tasting too!