Jul 13, 2012

Sweltering Heat/Dreaming of the Chill

I am not a heat lovin' kind of girl. I prefer a nice cool breeze and a temperature of about 22*C. I am a Canadian after all...you know polar bears and igloos and all.
We aren't known for our heat waves and tropical climate. We experience these heat waves only a few times in the summer thankfully, but as I get older it seems harder to take. I hate having days on end that I don't get anything done cause I feel like I am melting. Dripping sweat is not a pleasant feeling. I get grouchy quite frankly. Wouldn't you?
Yet in the middle this little heat wave that we are experiencing, I hear people telling me to suck it up and enjoy it. Honestly, I wonder why these people have not yet moved on to more tropical places if they enjoy this sort of weather. But don't worry. I get to return the favour when they start to whine about the cold temps in the winter. Canada is known to get a little cold in our near record breaking long winters.
So don't you worry people.
I'll be waiting.
We are Canadian after all.


  1. Nice to see you back on the blog. :)

    1. Thanks Dana. Looks like I am figuring out this blogging app after all. You inspired me.