Jul 14, 2012

The Pleasant Poppy Bucket List

A while ago my friend over at another fabulous blog posted her bucket list.
I thought this was a terrific idea and wanted to do the same.
I think, however, that this is a list that will continue to grow and evolve. I suppose that is what a good bucket list is supposed to do.
I would love to know yours as well.

Jennifer's Bucket List
1. Travel to Ireland
2. Go to the Power to the Peaceful concert in San Fransisco
3. Go to Newfoundland, Canada
4. Travel Canada with my family
5. Make money being crafty
6. Travel to the Aran Islands
7. Eat boxty IN Ireland
8. Learn to play the ukulele
9. Take archery lessons


I will add as they come to mind.

1 comment:

  1. I only saw this now , thats a lovely list . when you are over the next time I can take you to do archery it's only over the road from us :)