May 31, 2012

Finding my Photo Mojo

I have to admit that I had lost my photo mojo. I used to love taking pictures.
I have a great camera, and a husband who likes the latest and greatest equipment.
So I really don't know what my excuse is.
I have been thinking about this a lot lately cause I want to take photos to send to my new friend in Ireland. So I am attempting to find my photo mojo again. Today was my first time dragging the 'big' camera out and shooting everything. Man that bag is heavy... I think I know why I decided to not haul it around. The kids and I went to the local Science Centre in town and these are a few of the shots. Click the photos to see a larger one. Enjoy!

Next up..... I have signed up for a special photo event at the Zoo!
We are allowed in early and without crowds, so that should be fun.
Will post more along my mojo finding journey.

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